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Film Friendly City

Miles, Texas: Your Authentic Texas Film Location

Unleash the Story, Capture the Spirit.

Miles Texas, is a hidden gem nestled in central West Texas, offering a unique blend of historic charm, rural beauty, and a film-friendly atmosphere.

Step Back in Time:

  • Picturesque Downtown:  Immerse yourself in a meticulously preserved four-block district boasting buildings from the early 1900s.
  • Architectural Gems:  Shoot iconic scenes at the two-story 1904 Miles Opera House, a silent witness to the golden age of Miles.
  • Paved in History:  Capture the timeless character of our hand-laid brick streets, meticulously crafted in 1926.

Film Friendly Certified:

  • Seamless Filming:  Experience the ease and support of a Film Friendly Texas Certified Community.
  • Permitting Assistance:  Our experienced city liaison will help navigate the permitting process, saving you valuable time and resources,
  • Proven Track Record:  Acclaimed filmmaker Shane Bradford lauded Miles' hospitality and used it for his independent horror film "Bud".                              

Beyond the Town Square:

  • Endless Possibilities:  Explore 29 diverse locations registered with the Texas Film Commission, with even more private sites availiable upon request.  We can provide high-resolution photos for location scouting.  QR code to flyer & photos!!
  • Rural Majesty:  Shelly Granzin (512-298-9993) facilitates filming on the captivating farms and ranches surrounding Miles, adding a touch of rustic authenticity.  Want cattle in your scene?  We can connect you with local ranchers.
  • Western Ambiance:  Miles offers a variety of period-appropriate props and set pieces, potentially reducing your need for rentals.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

  • Easy Access:  Situated Conveniently along four-lane U.S. Highway 67
  • San Angelo Connection:  Just 30 miles from San Angelo's Mathis Field airport, offering daily American Eagle flights to Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Modern Amenities:  San Angelo provides a university, major retailers, and a respected medical center, all within easy reach.

Your Production's Home Away from Home:

  • Downtown Accommodations:  The charming Childres Lofts comfortably house up to 12 crew members.
  • San Angelo Options:  Numerous chain hotels in San Angelo offer a variety of choices, with options like the 3-star Clarion Hotel just 20 minutes away.         (block rates available)
  • Ballinger Motels:  For additional options, Ballinger (16 miles east) offers a selection of motels.

Delicious Delights:

  • On-Site Dining:  Miles boasts five restaurants and a takeaway options, featuring Mexican-American cuisine, pizza, barbecue, coffeehouse, sandwiches, and more.
  • San Angelo Selection:  San Angelo (17 miles West) offers a wide range of restaurants.
  • Catering Options:  Local caterers can provide meals for your production on set or at your accommodations.

Financial Advantages:

  • Texas Incentives:  Explore the Texas Film Commission's website ( for potential state-level incentives.
  • Municipal Support:  While Miles doesn't offer municipal tax breaks, our city government and local businesses are eager to collaborate and ensure a smooth filming experience.  We can potentially connect you with local businesses willing to offer discounts or sponsorships in exchange for exposure.

Contact:  Jane Jeschke (325) 234-7727 or [email protected]

Miles, Texas:  Where your story comes to life.

Additional Information:

  • Non-union filming is welcomed.
  • Miles offers quiet filming locations with minimul disruption from traffic or noise.
  • The community is enthusiastic about film productions and eager to be part of the filmmaking process.

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